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Negotiation skills to beat reluctant interlocutors

Are your customers reluctant to do business with you? Understand what negotiation skills to use to reverse this

You've probably come across a situation like this: you're talking to a potential customer, or a prospect, and you offer your services to him.

Immediately he warms to the possibility. He likes your ideas and they're excited. But when the talk starts to move towards the negotiation side, or something like that, everything falls apart.

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The 5 Essential Negotiation Skills

At that point, your prospect backs off. He thinks you were just trying to be nice, or offering a courtesy.

He didn't know the service would be paid for.

Regardless of whether you are a great negotiator today, at some point you may have already gone through a similar situation. And if so, these tips will help you overcome these little problems.

Tips for Winning Reluctant Negotiations

#1. Give signals that you are trading

For most people in the corporate world, unless you're in sales, everything is a discreet sale.

The transaction is implicit in the way you interact with your customers, but you may never actually have to ask for the deal – just like salespeople do.

When you're on the sales front, you need the results and then you do what needs to be done.

For that, a good way to signal that you're talking about business is to act out of kindness of heart, and say things like, "This is the kind of advice I give my clients."

Or, things like “call me if you want to explore the opportunity for us to work together”.

#two. Sit on both sides of the table

To be a successful trader, you need to command respect – and this involves the ability to negotiate effectively, this is one of the fundamental negotiation skills.

However, negotiation makes men and women less friendly. While men are respected negotiators, women can be labeled harsh and obnoxious.

Sheryl Sandberg used this when negotiating her COO role on Facebook, telling Mark Zuckerberg, “You realize you're hiring me to run the business teams, so you want me to be good at it. Don't hate me because I'm good at trading, this is the last time I'm going to be across the table.”

Her strategy worked because she first explained why negotiation was necessary and then signaled her concern for organizational relationships.

If you want to negotiate successfully, bring out the logic of what you are proposing, in the context of your relationship, this is one of the essential skills of negotiators.

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#3. Empower yourself

Overconfident negotiators run the risk of becoming oblivious to the needs of others. This, in fact, is one of those negotiation skills that should be used with caution.

But insecure negotiators have a different problem: appearing a supplicant, not a negotiator. Are you feeling powerful?

If not, follow this advice: Create an expansive, nonverbal stance that is strongly associated with the power of dominance in the animal kingdom. Think Wonder Woman and/or Superman.

When you create a posture of power and look powerful, you allow yourself to behave as if you expect your offer to work, which is more likely to result in a better deal for both parties.

Trust your trading potential.

#4. Control your emotions

When we want something badly enough, our emotions can take our place. But, you can try a simple exercise so that your emotions don't get the better of you.

Before negotiating with your customer, sit at the table and say: this is a table. The statement is neutral and non-controversial. And so, you won't be able to attach feelings to it.

After you say this a few times – repeatedly – ​​your statement will make you feel calmer and thus be able to say what needs to be said without the emotional taking over.

Feelings, whether negative or positive, can be critical when it comes to getting compromises, but when it's used against you, it means you're the only one to give in. Knowing how to protect yourself from this is one of the most effective negotiation skills.

#5. Look at the horizon

The most important thing you need to learn when trading is to look where you want to go.

On some level, many of us know that the look is important, but we've forgotten to apply it to our trading techniques.

Know that being aware of where you want to end up is critical and very important because it gives you the power to own your career and be seen as a visionary who knows what he wants.

Knowing how to express yourself with your eyes is one of the most important essential skills of negotiators. In addition to showing confidence, you will be taken more seriously and respected.

Understand the essential skills of negotiators

Nothing will improve your sales skills more completely than being able to negotiate effectively.

Negotiation is something we do daily in our life, and it involves essential skills for your life: defining who you are, and the relationships you need to make your sales happen.

In this way, you learn to give clear signals about what you want – and will be able, with these negotiation skills, to read others' signals – understand the effective use of no and yes, and know how to contribute to improving the lives of your customers.

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